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Whether you are specialized in sales, purchasing, operations coordination or customer service, we have an opportunity for you. You will work alongside experts in sourcing, shipping and 3PL.  We value your potential as much as your experience. Many of our members did not have extensive knowledge in the fields of international logistics, but have soft skills that are just as valuable to us. Also we trust and focus on lifelong learning and offer complete training to our new collaborators.

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About DocShipper

DocShipper Group was founded in 2015 as an international freight forwarding company with headquarters in Hong Kong. Since then we have operated in most countries of the world and have created a strong network of partners in different fields of international logistics which has allowed us to expand our business and offer a unique full service to our customers. DocShipper is the opposite of a traditional import/export company. Our team is disrupting a multi-billion dollar industry. At Docshipper, our goal is clear: "to redefine international trade for SME's, enterprises and individuals. We have decided to "shake up" this banal industry and set "new standards" based on the digitalization of international logistics, in addition to personalized customer support. We invite you to discover our unique service combining: Purchasing, quality control, compliance, international freight, customs clearance, distribution...

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Sourcing Services

We focus on developing long term relationships with our customers to find, develop and produce the product they are looking for. We will mobilize our network of suppliers based in Asia (mainly in China) to meet your requirements in terms of budget, product specification, delivery time, required quality, compliance and standards.

International Logistics

Shipping Services

In order to provide you with the most suitable service, we offer to transport your cargo by sea freight, air freight, rail freight, trucking services and/or express transport. This procedure may seem complex and that's why we accompany you in this process to reduce transportation costs and delays to a minimum.

3PL Services

DocShipper has set up a 3PL department since 2019 to complement its unique offering. These services aim to meet the needs of the E-business and B2C sector. We transport your goods to our strategically located distribution center in Camporosso (Northern Italy). From there, we take care of all your logistics needs: inventory management, order fulfillment and last mile delivery.


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